Wright Lookingbill helps leaders create environments that foster success and growth in their team members. Using world-renowned assessment tools such as the Birkman Method® , and Hogan Assessment Systems, we help teams work better together and help individuals achieve their highest level of professional potential.


Team Building:

After in-depth consultation about the specific dynamics of your team, Wright Lookingbill develops targeted workshops that address the specific needs of your teams – from work groups to senior management.  Popular workshop topics include Understanding Communication Styles, Navigating Different Work Styles, Recognizing and Defusing Stress Behaviors and Managing and Giving Feedback.

Professional Coaching:

One-on-one sessions will enhance individual performance and support leadership development by creating self-awareness around strengths and possible behavior derailers.  Using data driving assessment reports, Wright Lookingbill coaching provides insight and prescriptives for each individual’s specific development areas.

Management Consulting:

Wright Lookingbill offers group and individual analysis of communication and behavior dynamics that assist management in growing and retaining strong teams. Our analytical support helps you put the right talent in the best environment.