“Within my role at the Principal Financial Group, I had the opportunity to engage Wright Lookingbill on a variety of fronts, including team building, team management as well as professional coaching. Our engagement first started as an opportunity for my immediate leadership team to work more effectively together. Through the Birkman assessment we were able to better understand not only our only styles; but also how those styles collectively function as a group. As a direct result of our sessions, we not only formed a more cohesive team, but were also able to achieve more significant results.

In addition to the team building exercises, Wright Lookingbill has played an integral role in my own development. Through individual mentoring, I have been able to grow within my own personal career path. I whole-heartedly support their methodology and engagement!”

-Kerry Gumm
Director – Recruiting & Diversity, Principal Financial Group


“Wright Lookingbill’s coaching and Birkman training was invaluable to my transition into a new career.  I find myself constantly using Lisa-Marie’s coaching and advice in how I relate to and interact with my new colleagues. I would enthusiastically recommend the assessment, analysis and coaching to anyone looking to move up in their current career or move on to an entirely new industry.”

-Patrick Dix, Senior Public Relations Manager, Shazam, former WHO-TV anchor


“Wright Lookingbill utilizes materials and educates both management and staff first in understanding themselves and then each other in a more robust manner. This allows both individuals and teams to recognize and improve communications. This is especially important for companies to maximize the effectiveness of  multi-generational teams.”

-Scott Dobesh – Executive Vice-President and CFO, ITS, Inc.


“The Birkman Method® and the coaching from Wright Lookingbill provides a unique perspective on how people work together. That information is invaluable for every manager and leader who wants to see their team work smarter, be more productive and work more cohesively.”

-Steve Blazek, Vice President, Private Banking, US Bank


“As a young professional, I found the Birkman Method® an invaluable tool in helping me further develop my leadership skills. I often refer back to the coaching I received when I need guidance navigating the myriad of work styles I encounter in my professional and volunteer life.”

-Lauren Burt, Communications Manager, Meredith Corporation, and Community Volunteer